With your shell chosen its time to move on to the artwork for the body of your audio tape. When the case of your audio tape is opened its the first thing someone see's. And times have moved on...for example, on music releases this used to be a place to just list the tracks and denote the A & B side; but it can be so much more...


Options for the application of your Body Art to the shell include;

  • Full colour sticker

  • Transparent sticker 

  • On-body print - we'll print directly onto the shell, including a complete print coverage over the body of the cassette

NB: If you're having on-body print, we can also offer a spot-gloss too...just ask when you make your quote request. 

There are no hard & fast rules here, it comes down to how you want your finished audio tape to look. Some people want to keep it simple and others want the Body Art to tie-in with the inlay sleeve. And we do lots of are a few examples of what some of our clients have done;

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