The Inlay Sleeve is one of the audio tapes most iconic elements...its the 'shop-window' to your creation. And the inside is just as important as the outside. Like the body art, it can be something simple, or you can go completely to town on it.


If you're creating a music cassette for example, you may want to include these additional elements on the inside of your sleeve artwork;

  • Lyrics

  • Artist/Band Information

  • Additional album artwork

  • Pictures (i.e. studio images, band/artist)

  • Production team

  • Dedications

We can print up to a 6 panel inlay with the following options;

  • Full colour print one side / blank or mono on the reverse

  • Full colour print on both sides

  • Different options for paper, and for one-panel inlays ('J' Cards) we have various card options

Here are a few examples from some of the projects we've worked on; 

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