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One of the most pleasurable parts of our job is seeing the cassette used for one of its best traits; getting new music in the hands of music lovers...

With Cassette Store Day 2017 now a wrap, it was heart warming to see that globally, the cassette is still as popular as any other physical format. Around the world music makers got their music in the hands of people that love to discover something new. And rather than the cassette being something of a novelty, actually, its taken deadly seriously. The volume of cassettes produced, not just by ourselves, but by the other few companies that remain around the world, pays evidence to this. And the rate at which they sold out, only went to prove the ongoing popularity of cassette.

A lot of the praise for that popularity should go to the music makers themselves...

Cassette Store Day is testament to the amount of independently produced music either released by the artists themselves or through a number of independent record labels. The music is diverse and the artwork and design of the cassette itself is incredibly creative. And for music lovers, this makes for a perfect music packaged up in something to keep and treasure.

The opening statement on this website is the fact that cassette has never gone away. Its always been business as usual. Its not a popularity born out of novelty or nostalgia, its a physical format that delivers. The sound is earthy & wholesome and much like its vinyl counterpart, delivers a totally different listening experience to a digital file or a CD. The cassette doesn't try to take on the world, but it consistently demonstrates that it has a place in the world.

With so much music to listen to now, the cassette delivers a point of difference. It taps into the very thing that has seen the book and the LP continue to grow in the face of an ever digitised world. You have the cassette in your hand, you place it in the deck, press play, and apart from flipping to the B side, the format makes you sit and listen to the whole tape. And any music lover will tell you that's something they don't always get time to do. But when they do, it feels amazing.

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