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With Valentines Day only a short distance seemed appropriate to visit the music Mix Tape and its continued appeal. The music Mix Tape has the ability to be lots of things...a compilation for yourself, one for a friend, or a message in songs to a loved one. And that's where this post is going...because as Jon Cusack says in the above scene from High Fidelity...its a subtle art. When you make a mix tape for yourself the barriers tend to be the length of time you have on the media your compilation is going on to...with digital you can almost have too much time, on a cassette or CD you're constrained to a certain amount of time and you have to be uber selective. But for a Valentine, you have to take it up a level...otherwise it could go horribly wrong...

Although Chandler found himself in hot water once the voice of Janice kicked in on the tape, the reaction of Monica, just before, to Tony Bennett coming on, is exactly what you do want to achieve. In that moment Monica believed that Chandler had really thought about the content of that Mix Tape and what would make Monica happy and surprise her, all at the same time. Because that Mix Tape has to be a perfect blend of music that both says how you feel and one that shows the other person how well you know them. Because as beautiful as that version of The Way You Look Tonight by Tony Bennett is...the apple of your eye may love the sentiment of the song, but want it with a bit more beat like this version by Adam Levine...

And as much as you don't want to over complicate it...the more you put in, the better your Mix Tape will be. Because when you hand that tape over either in person or anonymously, you want it to sweep that person off their feet. That Mix Tape is going to be something treasured, something that gets listened to multiple times and something that creates a memory.

We thought we'd have a go at creating a Mix Tape for our beloved Audio Cassette...silly we know, but why should it be precluded from some Valentine affection :)

So here we go...(on tape of course)

Side A

1. Everlasting - Survivor

2. Glory Days - Bruce Springsteen

3. All for Love - Bryan Adams

4. Head over Heels - Tears for Fears

5. Alive and Kicking - Simple Minds

6. Is This Love - Whitesnake

7. Hold on my Heart - Genesis

8. The Best Is Yet To Come - Mike & The Mechanics

Side B

1. I'll Fight For You - Foreigner

2. Love Of My Life - Queen

3. The One I Love - R.E.M

4. Always - Bon Jovi

5. The Look - Roxette

6. Remember The Time - Michael Jackson

7. Love Will Keep Us Alive - The Eagles

8. Time After Time - Eva Cassidy

If you are making a Mix Tape for a loved one this Valentines Day...we hope it makes that person smile, on the 14th, and forever :)

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