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The Age of Cassette Colour

We've just finished updating this site with four new links to give noise to the ever expanding range of cassette shell colours. You can view these links by clicking here. You'll that there is a wealth of colour options - and in some cases the option to have no colour whatsoever! - but lets keep focused on colour for the purposes of this post :)

As the cassette tape continues to be used to get music in the hands of fans, music discoverers and music lovers, there is more focus than ever by Artists and Record Labels to make a cassette release look as appealing and as individual as possible. Your album artwork will ultimately dictate what route you take, but if you can make a pop of colour work, then we say go for it.

Here are some cassette shell colours we've used for production recently...

MDL-CS001033 - Navy Blue

MDL-CS001020 - Purple (Pantone-249c)

MDL-CS001052 - Red (BRIGHT)

So in summary, the message is...get some colour on your cassette :)

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