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One part of the joy that comes from working with audio cassettes is seeing finished products getting into the hands of Music Lovers and Music Discoverers. We've seen some great releases doing just that since 2018 got off the ground. We thought we'd use this Blog post to highlight just a few of those releases...and even if the cassettes have sold can still enjoy the sounds.

Kid Neon Darker Days comes from Time Slave Recordings, at the time of writing you can still snag a copy on cassette from Bandcamp;

Occams Laser New Blood, also from Time Slave Recordings...this red edition sold out quickly, and only a few copies remain of a black cassette edition released shortly afterwards. You can grab a copy on Bandcamp;

The original editions of Isvisible/Isinvisible from Burning Witches Records on cassette sold out in the blink of an eye...this yellow edition is now down to the last few copies and can be found on Bandcamp;

Modern Life from Bart Graft released on cassette with Playmaker and at the time of writing you could still snag a copy from Bandcamp;

And although Even The Score soundtrack from Computronic came out last year...its really one every synth-sound loving cassette listening person needs in their collection...copies still available from Time Slave Recordings on Bandcamp;

Enjoy the music, we'll catch up with you soon :)

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