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Bits and pieces...

A few bits and pieces for you to check out...

They'll be cassettes to find too, including The Hardy Tree Sketches in D Minor from Clay Pipe Music...

Independent Music Label Market;

Clay Pipe Music;

Cassette Tapes

After a visit to the Vintage Trax record store in Redditch we snagged a couple of cassettes for ourselves...Pony Fringe and Kara Marni, both excellent.

We're always giving a shout-out to the many coloured cassette shells...but check out this transparent red cassette case used for a project recently...its a thing of beauty :)

Opus Science Collective still have copies of I Wish My Car Was a Transformer on cassette available from Bandcamp;

To get some more new sounds into our day we grabbed a copy of these two Andrew Younker albums from Hidden Bay Records...well worth checking out;

Rusted Tone Recordings are releasing In This Absence from A Home For can pre-order a copy on Bandcamp;

For an even more retro look...these cassette cases might be what you're looking for...yet another case option to hopefully inspire a new cassette project.

And check out this release from Those Unfortunates...its really good and copies still left from their Bandcamp page;

That's all for now, keep listening, keep your tape deck running :)

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