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In a recent post on our Twitter feed we said...'as long as there is music, we hope there will always be cassettes'. It was in response to a 'follower' milestone on our Twitter feed, but rather than reacting to the number of followers specifically, we were acknowledging what we hoped was a shared passion for both music and the audio cassette tape.

We don't hide our enthusiasm for the cassette, something that we hope shines through in every aspect of the work we do on the format. A recent number of music makers and record labels on social media have questioned their fan base and the wider music loving community on whether their music should be on cassette as well as digital. If we park aside our vested interest in cassettes from a business point of view, we have to, as a lot of people have, and say yes, you absolutely should. The cassette is one of the most accessible and rewarding formats for getting music out into the world.

The sound that a cassette reproduces has a warmth and depth that only an analog format can reproduce. There is a lot of conversation at the present time around the physicality of music, and clearly a cassette comfortably delivers on that alongside its vinyl and CD counterparts. And on looks...the cassette can really many releases have left us where the final look has really been thought about, and it shows in the finished product and ultimately in its uptake with music lovers and music discoverers.

You only need to take a look on Bandcamp for example and select cassette and you'll see that it filters out a range huge of music that's been released on the format. In some cases you'll see that the cassette has long since sold we found out in our recent attempt to snag a copy of the new Timecop 1983 album Night Drive album on cassette - we were way too late! Availability aside, you'll see that the styles of music are hugely diverse, and it only strengthens the point that music makers and record labels see the cassette as a valued part of their musics release. So what's the message here? Basically, don't hesitate, the cassette awaits your sounds.

And just think, with no cassette...

Lloyd wouldn't have been able to profess his love for Diane...

Bohemian Rhapsody wouldn't have got a blast, and accompanying vocals from the Waynes World guys...

This simply wouldn't have been as successful...

And we'd have never had this advert in our memory banks...

We'll catch up soon, thanks for checking in.

Keep your cassette deck well stocked :)

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