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Cassette Store Day

The Tweet we'd all been waiting for rang out on the 26th of May confirming that Cassette Store Day (CSD) will be back in October this year. The date is still to be officially announced, but we can imagine that can't be far off - so keep in touch with the CSD social media feeds for when that news lands.

October 14th 2017 was last years CSD and there was a great line-up of releases that made their way on to cassette's the list of UK releases that CSD confirmed at the time;

  • Fear of Tigers - Tapeworxs (Playmaker Media)

  • The Music Will Save Us Vol.1 - Various Artists (Sad Club Records)

  • Colleen - Colleen Et Les Boîtes À Musique (Beacon Sound)

  • Colleen - The Golden Morning Breaks (Beacon Sound)

  • Colleen - Les Ondes Silencieuses (Beacon Sound)

  • Ruby Keeler - They'll Build A Neighborhood Where Your City Stood (Jagged Skyline Records)

  • Sick Bookies - Analogue Viral (Jagged Skyline Records)

  • Shit&Shine - Musica Lavapiatti (Artetetra)

  • Dj Balli & Giacomo Balla - Svelto (Artetetra)

  • Peter Graf York - Peter Graf York (Planet Rescue)

  • Berrick - Plumes (Tendrils)

  • Zombie Picnic - A Suburb of Earth (Golden Shred Records)

  • Pop Campaign - HAME (CARP)

  • Wallflower - Where It Fell Apart (Hanger Records)

  • Milk - Strange Change (Obi Records)

  • LeRoy & Angela Aux - Grain In Vain (Jahmoni Music)

  • DJ Marcelle /Another Nice Mess - Meets New Soulmates at Nyege Nyege Deejay Laboratory (Jahmoni Records)

  • Gino Pavan - Absolute (ADESSO)

  • DATAstream - MIDI City (Stored Energies Techonology)

  • Bryce Miller - Operator (Disco Cinematic Records)

  • Trojan Horse - Fukushima Surger Boys (The City Is Ours Records)

  • AlgernonCornelius - Radio (The City Is Ours Records)

  • Untitled Band - Badly Poured Beer (Untitled Band Project)

  • Worried About Satan - Blank Tape (Spun Out Of Control)

  • Stefan Bachmeier - Anomaly On Meadow Lane (Spun Out Of Control)

  • Alternative TV - The Image Has Cracked (Radiation Records)

  • The Kids - Kids (Radiation Records)

  • Blitz - Voice Of A Generation (Radiation Records)

  • Various Artists - FutureSounds Volume 2 (TimeSlave Recordings)

  • Occams Laser - Occams Laser: Occult 86 (TimeSlave Recordings)

  • Sad Palace - Frostbeat (Kissability)

  • The Dollar Bill Murays - Always On (Valley Heat Records)

  • Zapoppin’ - Live At The Curse (Last Shop Records)

  • Pony Fringe - Forgotten Lullabies (Lavender Sweep Records)

  • Paris Angels - Stairs to the Sun EP (Lavender Sweep Records)

  • Gina Kushka - Cure (Access Records)

  • Various Artists - Neon Maniacs (Nerve Centre Records/Girlsville Records)

  • Eddie The Wheel - Leave Behind (Vibe/Anti-Vibe)

  • Rosie Blacher - Anhedonia (Obi Records)

  • Don Pierre - La Frontiere Finale (Obi Records)

  • Underwood - Underwood (Obi Records)

  • Twins Natalia - Destiny Room (Lavendar Sweep Records)

  • Chris Knox - KnoxTraxFine (Thokei Tapes)

  • Madison Beer - Dead (Access Records)

  • Aramael - OldSchoolTape (Churchill Independent)

  • SBK Satan’s Bee Keeper (Sonic Entrails Records)

  • Various Artists - The Doxey Boggart Cassette (Sonic Entrails Records)

  • Kiasmos - Kiasmos (Erased Tapes)

  • Various Artists - Witches’ Halloween Brew (Burning Witches Records)

  • Those Unfortunate - In Lavender (Midnight Bell Records)

  • Kara Marni - Golden (Access Records)

  • Dancehall - K.O. (Vibe/Anti-Vibe)

  • One Man Bannister - Evolver (Thokei Tapes)

  • Los Bitchos - Tripping Party (Blak Hand Records)

Those 2017 CSD releases were given some amazing support by these independent record stores;

  • 310NXRD: NX Records Pop Up Shop - London

  • Underground Solu'shn - Edinburgh

  • Rough Trade East - London

  • Rough Trade West, London

  • The Inkwell - York

  • All City - Dublin

  • Slide Record Shop - Bedford

  • Assai Records - Edinburgh

  • Assai Records - Broughty Ferry

  • Vintage Trax - Redditch

  • Plates - Nottingham

  • Vinylstore Jr - Canterbury

  • Banquet Records - Kingston

  • Transmission - Margate

  • Strand Records - Stoke On Trent

Here we are at the half way point of 2018 and there has already been a number of amazing and notable cassette releases. We can't wait to see what this years CSD list will look like once its finalised in a few months time. We had the immense pleasure of doing the production for some of the CSD 2017 releases and we of course hope to do so again this year. But we especially hope to see more releases this year and more artists, labels and retailers getting involved.

We'll pick up the CSD 2018 story when the next piece of news drops.

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