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The Audio Tape People Bugle | June 2018

We thought this BLOG post would serve well to highlight some of the news and 'stuff' we've picked up on this month. Summer is now officially here, the World Cup is in full swing the music scene is as busy as ever. Our good friend the audio cassette tape is no exception and like its vinyl counterpart, is continuing to be one of the formats of choice for record labels, artists and bands across the globe. We've also seen a spike in requests for compact discs to complement some of the cassette releases we've been involved with, which is in contrast to an industry wide downturn in CD sales. An article we read this month suggested that the future lay with streaming for 'on the move' music consumption and vinyl for the physical 'sit in your lounge' music listening. If there's truth in that, you can see that even in a future envisaged with virtually consumed music, there is still a perception that people will want some form of physical media in the future. The motor industry is always a reasonably good compass for trends and it won't escaped many people that lots of cars are leaving production lines with no physical media players whatsoever. Make of that what you will, but in the end, the listener will always win out one way or another...:)

Cassette Store Day Logo

Well the date confirmed...Cassette Store Day goes global again in October this year...Saturday the 13th is the date for your diary. There more music being released on cassette each year, so it will be interesting to see what the release line up will be. We've added the timeline from the Cassette Store Day website to ours as well.

Time Slave Recordings Italia 90 Cassette Tape Mix

Time Slave Recordings have released a rather super World Cup themed cassette with two awesome tracks mixed by the equally awesome Cosmo Cocktail. The artist lineup in this mix is a feast of Synthwave delights;

Time Slave Recordings Italia 90 Cassette Tape Mix

Time Slave are donating the profits from this release to the Calm Zone, so not only will you be owning some first class music, you'll be donating to a very worthy cause at the same time. Head over to the Time Slave Bandcamp page to snag your copy before they go;

Independent Label Market Forthcoming Event

Another date for your diary...The Independent Label Market land in Camden on the 30th of June from 12 until 6pm.

Find out more on their website;

Eel Pie Records in Twickenham held their first monthly Record Fair on the 16th of June with much success; over 600 music shoppers attended. Next one coming up, so if you're a local or going to be near there, pop the 21st of July in your diary. You can find out more about the record fair and the Eel Pie Record Store on their website;

And all the latest news on their social media channels.

Electronic Sound Magazine Front Cover

If you haven't already, make sure you snag a copy of the mighty Electronic Sound Magazine...great journalism with plenty of music reviews to aid you in some new music's a link to their website;

Always like to find some new music...and we fell on this one as this Blog Post was being written...they're called Landing and the album is Bells In New Towns...give it a listen...all good :) Big thank you to Track 6, Fallen Name, for re-confirming that good music still lives and breathes :)

And we'll sign this BLOG post off with a bit of nostalgia...cassette...because its worth it :)

Catch up soon.

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