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Cassette Store Day Countdown

First Cassette Store Day (2013) - BBC Breakfast (on You Tube courtesy of Banquet Records)

Cassette Store Day 2018 Logo

On the 27th of this month we'll get to hear about the first round of releases and retailers that have signed up for this years Cassette Store Day. We're looking forward to being part of that with anyone that calls upon us to help bring their cassette tape project to life.

For this Blog post we thought it would be good to look at some of the options for making the look of your cassette, just as good as the sounds you're putting on it...

The Shell - this is where your audio tape design starts its life. Dependent on the look & feel you're after, there are a number of style & colour options for the shell that forms the body of your cassette...


Translucent Cassette Shell

Solid Colour

Glitter Effect

Glitter Effect Cassette Shell


Dual-Coloured Cassette Shell

Body Art - with your shell chosen its time to move on to the artwork for the body of your audio tape. When the case of your audio tape is opened its the first thing someone see's. And times have moved on...for example, on music releases this used to be a place to just list the tracks and denote the A & B side; but it can be so much more...

Stickered Label

Cassette Stickered Shell

On-body print

Cassette On-body Print

Inlay Sleeve - the Inlay Sleeve is one of the audio tapes most iconic elements...its the 'shop-window' to your creation. And the inside is just as important as the outside. Like the body art, it can be something simple, or you can go completely to town on it...


The Case - final piece of the jigsaw...choosing the case for your audio tape. The majority of audio tapes are produced with a single hinged plastic case similar to those shown below. Here are just a few of the options available...

Clear front, translucent colour tint on the back

Cassette Case

Clear front, solid colour back

Cassette Case

Front & back translucent colour tint

Cassette Case

That's all for now...we'll look forward to catching up again soon when we've heard some more Cassette Store Day news :)

The Audio Tape People :)

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