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We thought we'd use this post to collect up some of the news we've read and some of the tunes we've enjoyed during July...

As planned, Cassette Store Day announced the first round of releases for this years event via Silent Radio that included a great interview with the CSD UK Manager Brit Williams. You can view the article in full here;

The releases confirmed so far are (label / artist / release);

  • Memphis Industries - The Go! Team - Thunder, Lightning, Strike

  • Bingo Records - Family Selection Box - Confetti

  • Minimum Records - Various Artists - Minimum Records Sampler

  • Pinecone Ghost - James Lloyd Smith - Geometric Upholstery // Pinecone Ghost

  • Chute Records - Spare Snare - Sounds’

  • Sharted Jeggings - SIDCA - Jizz Crate

  • I/O Records - Emile’s Telegraphic Transmission Device - Lost in the Ether

  • Spun Out Of Control - Stefan Bachmeier - The Infernal Machine

  • first light - Ova - Godless

  • Detonic Recordings - Metal Disco - Vade Mecum

  • Golden Shred Records - Zombie Picnic - Rise of a New Ideology (bonus tracks)

  • Spomenik tapes - Shukhov - Atavism

  • Better Looking Twin - Giant Boys - Clap Your Hands EP

  • Artists Against Success - MJ Hibbett & The Validators - 20 Golden GRATES

Brit Williams in the latter part of the article is quoted as saying;

“For me it’s not about how many famous bands sign up or re-release albums on to tape” Brit states. “What humbles me the most is seeing underground, independent and unrecognised labels and musicians taking a chance and putting themselves out there to be a part of something bigger. If that platform is through Cassette Store Day, I can’t think of any better or more welcoming place. I don’t want people to worry whether they have a cassette player to listen to the music on. It’s become more of a community project than anything. We’re urging music lovers to put on their own DIY gigs, tape fairs, radio shows, to go out and record a demo, EP or album and just release it. Don’t be afraid. The growth of Cassette Day relies on its participants. We can make something really special out of this, and have done for the last few years.”

What a great way to describe what the hopes and aspirations of Cassette Store Day are...can't wait for this years event :)



Do you remember 'Your Love' from The Outfield? If so, you'll know the opening lyrics of the song and more over those incredible vocals belonging to lead singer (and bassist) Tony Lewis...well those vocals are back and as good as ever with a new solo album from Tony Lewis himself...check out this stunning new track...

Check out his website for more information;


And if you want to enjoy 'Your Love' by The Outfield amongst other 80s FM Radio hits get yourself over to Ace Records and pre-order a copy of this album released on the 31st of August;

Ace Records;


Here's a small sprinkling of the Synthwave music been soaking up in the last few weeks;

The Midnight;

Pretty Glass Folk;



And we'll finish up this post with the news that cassette sales are continuing to grow...consider that this news doesn't include for independently released cassettes which we know would bolster these numbers still further...

This latest article via The Official Charts detailed that sales so far this year had hit 18,500 units compared with 9,753 in the same period of 2017 and a year end figure 22,000 units. The report detailed that Kylie had the biggest selling cassette release of the year so far with 2,847 units of her Golden album bought on the format.

Here's the article for you to view in full;


That's all for this month...thanks for stopping by :)

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