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Let's get physical...

At the time of writing this post Cassette Store Day 2018 is just over 10 days away...we'll look forward to having a reprise of this in our next post. But its because of a CSD 2018 release we were producing on behalf of a client that was the inspiration for this post. As beauty is in the eye of the beholder you could say much the same about sound. We sing the virtues of the cassette sound and that was only re-confirmed as we were doing a QA on a release leaving us recently. We get to listen to a lot of music, but rarely get to really let it soak in...but last week we had just that was the end of the day, the phones stopped ringing, the machines were tucked in for the night and so we let this release play out in its entirety, both sides as if we were listening to it at home. The reward was not only getting to really listen to the music, but the warmth of the sound that can only be had from a non-digitised format. Everyone has their own opinion on this point and its never a cut-and-dry conversation...there are so many factors...the equipment being used for playback, the environment its being listened to in, what your ears have been conditioned to and most of all...your own expectations and preconceptions of sound. But for anyone that loves music, loves the physical media and loves the analogue sound...cassette, in our opinion, more than punches above its weight. Cassette can't be compared to Vinyl, those grooved discs have their own sound entirely, but both share much the same values of sound.

Everyone on this Earth has to surely be indebted to those people that write, make, sing and release the music that we love. And in truth, however that music finds you and however you consume that found it, you consumed it, and in some way it gave you an amount of pleasure - and will continue to each time you play it, and the same for every other person that you tell who hopefully then go on to derive the same amount of pleasure. That's the beauty of music...when you find something that you like, you just want the whole world to hear it too. What's so true is how a physical media makes you, almost forces you, to take the physical action of actually playing it and actually listening to it. And when that sound is from an analogue source like a cassette, it creates a familiarity, a comfort and a moment that immediately becomes all about the music. Because sound aside, by going with a physical media you've immediately removed all of the convenience that a digital file provides. Suddenly you have a situation where the music rules the roost, to skip a track isn't just a click away, its a physical action like winding forward or lifting a needle. The physical media is telling you to sit down, relax and enjoy the music...but moreover...enjoy the experience.

So with this years Cassette Store Day looming fast...make sure that once you've got your bounty of CSD releases in hand, you make some time to actually enjoy them in the way they were designed to be enjoyed. I'm sure a lot of what we've said in this post has been said or thought of before...but as we typed this post it was a great excuse to acknowledge how much we love the cassette sound...and we hope that if you've haven't had the pleasure yet, you use CSD 2018 as your opportunity to introduce your ears to the cassette.

Catch up soon, thanks for dropping by...:)

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