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We've got five new cassette shells to share with you...all these are now available to order with your release (please check lead-times when requesting one of these new shell colours);

  • Transparent Neon Pink

  • Transparent Brown (with black liner)

  • Solid Colour Slate Grey

  • Dual Colour Dark Green/Pink

  • Dual Colour Light Green/Pink


You may of seen some recent press regarding a shortage of cassette tape due to a supply issue with one of the raw materials used to manufacture the actual tape. Just to put the minds of our customers and any potential new enquiries at the current time we have a long-term and reliable supply source for tape and don't foresee any interruption to our production lead-times.


Just a reminder that we can also supply card mailers specifically for single standard cassettes. If you need them with your order, just request them with your enquiry.


If you're enquiring about cassette tape production from outside the UK...just ensure we have your full address including postal (ZIP) code and we'll quote for delivery accordingly. We supply customers from around the cassette, will travel :)

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