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I love minidiscs because...

To celebrate the very first International Minidisc Day we ran a Twitter competition to give away ten the Audio Tape People mugs...all the respondents had to do was finish this sentence...I love minidiscs because...


Here's a compliation of all the responses we had...thank you to everyone that took part...head over to our Twitter feed to see the winners...and most of all...enjoy the very first International Minidisc Day! :)


I Love Minidiscs because they feel like a brand new format. I confess I missed out when they were first around - most of us hopped straight from tape/CD to MP3 growing up. But the combo of portability, sound quality & on-body printing is a winner! Building a collection is fun!


'I love minidiscs because they shine like rainbows in the palm of your hand and go so well with cupcakes and a nice cup of Tea.


I love minidiscs because I invented them.


I love minidiscs because...Sony ♥ Walkman ♥ Tech ♥ 90s ♥ 00s #retrofuture


I love minidiscs because they’re small and cute, and I’m astute, with digi sound, tunes abound, 90s feel, long term appeal!


I love minidiscs because physical releases still beat an MP3.


I love minidiscs because they make me think of being a teenager looking at the small, yet technically impressive "MD" sections of the record store! Not to mention the beautiful sound of ATRAC compression, the cassette-style record-ability, the feel of CDs literally hand-palmed!


I love Minidiscs because they make me feel like a giant holding a floppy disc.


I love minidiscs because they make me feel like im working with top secret disks in some early 00s hacker movie. HACK THE PLANET. but yeah, they contain only music... Right? Right?!


I love minidiscs because 1992 was a good year.


I love minidiscs because every single one of my minidiscs from the 90s still plays perfectly while 70% of my CDRs won't.


I love MiniDiscs because they're the embodiment of 90s tech innovation and design.


I love minidiscs because they're nearly as cool as cassettes!!


I love minidiscs because they will always remind me of the late DJ Derek's reggae sets. Derek did his whole DJ sets from two portable minidisc recorders with cassette cases packed with minidiscs. His collection contained countless rare recordings.


I love Minidiscs (even if I don’t have one lol) because I love their charm with looking a lot like a floppy disc and taking the same aspect of an optical disc with convenient recording capabilities of a cassette

They are worth going for, and I might get into it some day...


I love minidiscs because they remind me of buying awesome music on this 'new format' in my youth and recording many a band rehearsal on them over the years!


I love minidiscs because of how portable, durable and cool looking they are for what is almost cd quality sound, where as cds can be super fragile and hard to listen to music on the go with (no jumps with md!!) in comparison.


I love minidiscs because... they're the musician's friend. Many a jam recorded on minidisc! Great to record on / good quality, easy to file/find again & most importantly, cheap! Shuffle playback was nice feature - as utilized by Gescom!


I love minidisc because what happens in a minidisc, stays in a minidisc!


I love minidiscs because dey mini AND a disc?! Who'd have thunk it!


I love Minidiscs because it was the medium I first heard Cassius "Feeling for You" which then got me onto Gwen McCrae's "All This Love That I'm Givin'"


I love minidiscs because I still remember exactly where I was, and what song was playing on my minidisc walkman the first time I realised I was in love (a treasured memory!)


I love minidisc because it lets me reconnect with the physical again, something we don’t experience a lot these days.


I love MiniDiscs because they remind me of an era when I captured audio onto them from my life with old bands, experimental podcasts, passed relatives, and a life before now. Reliving those times gives me hope for today and the future!


I love minidiscs because it is a format I was not even aware of when they were current. Enjoying it now gives me a sense of nostalgia for a time I didn't live, which is as Vaporwave as it gets.


I love minidiscs because of the versatility of a tape with the crispness of digital!


I love MiniDiscs because I love to design for this format! I have few MiniDiscs, but the few I have really love it, it's a totally different way to enjoy music. I have designed some MiniDiscs and I love seeing the design in a different format. I appreciate them!


I love minidiscs because they're a time capsule of an era when sharing music and making your own playlists was still kind of an art, and also because it was a window to a future we did not get. The last big physical format for music. What a beauty.


I love minidiscs because they represent a time and place where the future felt more tangible.


I love MiniDiscs because they are great for storage. They are compact and really cool-looking. Perfect to show to my students in History class as well.


I love minidiscs because I set them free in the 90s and they returned. That's true love.


I love minidiscs because even decades after introduction they still feel like the future.


I love minidiscs because I still have all of mine and they never let me down in the 90’s when they provided the rhythm and bass to my voice and melody.


I love minidiscs because... portable recording studio! Like that episode of what’s happening when they’re taping the @TheDoobieBros concert! #minidiscday


I love minidisc because it makes me feel like a future hacker, destined to save the world through the power of kung-fu.


I love minidiscs because they are the penultimate portable format, truly the epitome of style and function.


I love minidiscs because I have a crippling mental need to own every media format known to history, and it's one more to add to my torture chamber.


I love minidiscs because when Radiohead has there’s nicked I got a load of outtakes and demos out of it!


I love minidiscs because they look like the GoldenEye CD-ROM from the Bond movie...


I love minidisc because they've save an amazing amount of space in the on-air studio over traditional, old school broadcast cartridges (and our studio still uses them, even in 2020!).


I love minidiscs because they love me.


I love minidiscs because they are the last remain8ng physical digital format.



I love minidiscs btw.

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