Who are the Audio Tape People...? Well that's us; Mark, Jill and Gabe. Trading as Media Duplication Ltd, our combined knowledge and experience is the success of many audio tape releases both in the UK and abroad. That knowledge and experience spans over 27 years working within the media duplication industry. This has included not only audio cassette tape, but also vinyl (including vinyl manufacturing), CD, DVD and Digital. In response to our cassette clients we decided to create this dedicated web space as The Audio Tape People. This has allowed us to give the format plenty of space, so the many options available can be viewed easily, and a quote can be requested. 


We pride ourselves on offering an expert, friendly and flexible approach and treating all our clients, new or existing, with sincerity & enthusiasm. We love what we do, and it shows in what we produce, and how we produce it. The audio cassette tape is a serious format used across across a number of mediums including music, audio books, blanks for home recording and is still used by a lot of Police forces within the United Kingdom for interview recording. 

The audio cassette tape has been, and continues to be, one of the physical formats of choice to get music in the hands of fans, music discoverers and music lovers. More and more Artists and Record Labels are using the cassette for just that purpose. In 2017 the cassette saw itself continuing to grow alongside the resurgence of vinyl, to one of its record years of use in over 10 years. Globally Bandcamp saw nearly 18,000 independently released albums on cassette in 2017. The Official Charts here in the UK registered around 20,000 commercially released cassettes sold up to November 2017 from a chart which saw some of the biggest commercial music artists with their sounds on cassette.  Roll forward to 2018 and for commercially released titles the Official Chart registered the largest growth in cassette sales since 2004 for the UK. Fast forward to 2019 and Official Chart data indicated audio cassette tapes grew yet again with 80,000 commercially released titles sold in the UK alone. Although we don't have accurate numbers for independently released music on cassette, we know from our own client base and from what we see globally through news & social feeds, that audio cassette tapes are still one of the most favoured formats. The audio cassette tape continues to be supported by Cassette Store Day (2019 was the 7th annual year of the event) and no doubt benefits from the exposure generated by other events such as National Album Day and Record Store Day.  

Artists and labels absolutely embrace the cassette and how personalised it can be made to look. We've seen so much more use of colour for the shell & case in recent times, and even more creativity than ever for the on-body print/or label. This all speaks of a format loved for so many different reasons, but ultimately the cassette continues to be one of the most affordable, flexible and accessible physical media formats available.  Whatever stage your project is at...don't hesitate to get in contact and find out more


Oh, and if you're wondering what people will play your cassettes on...fear not...a lot of people still have existing equipment or new consumers of cassettes can buy a player quite easily. Here in the UK both JVC and Sony alone have portable stereos on the market with most of the leading electrical retailers, that play both cassettes and CD's. In the 'separates' arena there are new decks available from TEAC and Tascam in the UK. In late 2020 there is also a rumoured  release of a brand new 'Walkman' from a European based manufacturer - long overdue and we hope the project comes to life. 

So as much as the audio cassette tape lives in nostalgia for some people; for The Audio Tape People its business as usual. Head to the OUR SERVICES page to see how we can bring your audio cassette tape to life. 

You can find out more about Media Duplication Ltd at its own website; www.mediaduplicationltd.co.uk. You'll see that we can also compliment your cassette release with MiniDisc, CD, DVD and USB duplication as well. 

Keep in touch with us on our Social Media feeds too; you can find us on Twitter and Instagram, we always have lots to share...

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